Our award-winning sunbeds, both stand up and lay down, applied with our experience and advice, will mean you can quickly, comfortably and safely develop the tan of your dreams.


Luxura X5 -The excellent manufacturing quality of this sunbed satisfies all possible wishes. It has a stylish design that adds to the luxury feel. The dual-segment door allows the user to enter easily.

Features: SPS, adjustable face tanners (0-1-2-3), XL light in bench, full colour display, smart touch control, 8 steps adjustable body cooler, 8 steps adjustable face cooler, dust filters, smart cooling, EasyLift acrylic system bench, front panel easy move, QuickStart, programmable internal timer.

Luxura V5 -This luxurious vertical sunbed has got plenty of space inside, it is equipped with a menu panel - so that customers can control ventilation and check the time remaining. This sunbed gives an excellent tan from the 2 metres long tubes.

Features: XL light, indoor lighting, 2 steps adjustable body cooler, digital timer display, internal timer.


3 Minutes: £2.10
5 Minutes: £3.50
7 Minutes: £4.90
10 Minutes: £7.00
12 Minutes: £8.40
15 Minutes: £10.50


30 Minute Course: £17.00
60 Minute Course: £30.00
100 Minute Course: £45.00
2 Weeks Unlimited : 40.00
1 Month Unlimited : £60.00
Unlimited courses maximum 10 minutes per day